X-Files 2 News from The Millennial Abyss

Some interesting X-Files 2 movie developments, from the Millennial Abyss website [an excellent Web-surfing stop for all you MillenniuM fans out there] yesterday:
"While details are scarce, it looks as if production plans are being made for Ten-Thirteen Productions' next feature film. The cast and crew are being assembled for the second big screen adventure based on The X-Files. Recently, Chris Carter told Variety, "Frank [Spotnitz] and I have worked out a story and there's a negotiation with [Fox] going on" while David Duchovny told Dark Horizons, "Chris has a great idea for the new movie and I expect we'll be able to begin shooting in the next year or so." Now, movie sites Moviehole and Coming Soon! are reporting that Robert Patrick, who starred in the show's later seasons as Agent John Doggett, will be reprising his role in the second film and that he's eager to begin work on the project. Rumors posted on both sites indicate that filming may begin as early as the end of this year. Few concrete details have been revealed concerning The X-Files 2 and no official release date has been scheduled."