Where's the Official FOX X-Files Website?

As an "X-Phile", I was very disappointed that FOX had taken the show's official website offline, and replaced the link with a page hawking DVD box sets for other FOX shows. The Official X-Files site contained a wealth of information on all nine seasons' episodes (although I don't think show synopses were ever completed for Season 9), and it is sorely missed.

A fellow fan who runs the X-Files Time Line website suggests fans send a firm but polite e-mail to FOX at ask.fox@fox.com, requesting that the company reactivate the Official X-Files website. If you have friends who miss the site as well, pass on the message with this link to FOX's mailbox. It's certainly worth a try, if only to let FOX execs know there is still an active fan base in webspace.

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