Redrum [8x03]

Overall Rating: 9
Fright Factor: 7
Acting: 9
Mytharc Relevance: 4
Re-watchability: Medium-High
Connections: Memento, John Doe [9x07]

Summary: Prominent Baltimore prosecution lawyer Martin Wells (Joe Morton, who played CyberDyne Systems developer Miles Dyson opposite Robert Patrick's liquid-metal T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgement Day) wakes up one morning on the hard bunk of a prison cell with no idea how he got there. He sees a spider in its web hanging inches above his face. Moments later, a deputy enters, notifying Wells he is being transferred. "Transferred? Transferred where?"

An angry crowd has gathered to watch Wells being escorted to a waiting police van in cuffs and irons. He notices among the shouting faces his father-in-law, staring at him in stony silence. The lawyer calls out to him, pleading for help, but the older man inexplicably draws a gun and shoots him point-blank. Wells collapses to the pavement, dying.

But somehow, the next morning, Wells awakens to exactly the same scenario as before - in a prison cell, with a spider web overhead. He's visited by his old acquaintance Doggett, and Scully - whom he's never, but oddly seems to know him. They tell him he's facing a first-degree murder charge. Wells loudly protests his innocence, but Doggett will have nothing of it; he thinks Wells is faking amnesia to cop an insanity plea. "Don't give me that B.S., Martin. Does this refresh your memory?" Doggett shows him a gruesome photo of a murdered woman.

The woman is Wells' wife, and the stunned lawyer realizes he is the prime suspect in her death.

Report: Complex and well-acted, with nary a Monster-of-the-Week in sight, Redrum qualifies as one of Season 8's best. Recalling the nonlinear plot of Christopher Nolan's hit film Memento, Martin Wells dances a backstitch in time to prove his innocence, twisting and turning the story unpredictably to a satisfying surprise conclusion.


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